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Amy & Megan
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby Steps

Good Morning!

We had a very successful rummage sale and a BIG THANK YOU to Julie, Ian and Lori for helping out.  I think we officially have a down payment for whatever type of camper ends up being right for us!!!  We sold lots, but the garage still has lots in it from the spa and it's time for round 2 of going through the house so I think we'll rummage sale it again on Labor Day weekend.

Our house looks totally different.  Our Realtor, LaDonna Sonntag, came in and staged the living room in preparation of our first showing.  We worked EXTREMELY hard to make everything perfect for it and then I spent the day working and fantasizing about which camper I would choose to buy when the offer came in.  Just when I was ready for the big news, the LaDonna called to tell me that they never showed!  UGH!!!  Oh well, at least the house looks great and we are enjoying it as we prepare to say goodbye....

I cut our land-line service yesterday and the next big step is the HUGE decision to keep or discontinue Dish Network service.  Clearly, this is a no-brianer as OF COURSE it's the right thing for anyone to do...  BUT, as my sister says, I'm a TV addict.  I LOVE Rachel Zoe, Housewives, Greys, Survivor, Big Brother, Top Chef, House, Bones and on and on and on.  I freely admit that I can easily (and very happily) waste an entire day watching the Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon and come out on the other end very relaxed and fulfilled.  Megan will spend that entire time playing in the neighborhood with friends, checking in occasionally for lunch and snacks.  TV is my vice.  I love my couch and my TV and my days of not getting out of jammies in the name of pure laziness.  I fully understand and comprehend the problem with all the above statements, but it's undeniably true.  This decision, which will save us $60 a month, give us more quality time together, make me healthier and more productive is a HARDER decision than putting the house on the market!

Well, like the title of this post, it's all about baby steps.  As I sit here this morning, my goal is to have service off by the end of the week.

Wish me luck!


  1. You don't need luck. You need willpower! And girl, you've GOT that!! You know the right choice to make and it's a hard one.

    As Ursula says..."Life's full of tough choices...idn't it?!"

  2. Amy,

    What a great post. I love down to earth, bonafide honesty. You are going to hate it for about a month and then just like junk food you will probably lose your taste for it. OR not. We haven't had TV in 15 years and every time I hit a hotel or my mothers house I am like a junky that never quit.

    I am gonna sign up here and keep up to date on what is happening as you ready to leave. We are 2 weeks and counting.