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Amy & Megan
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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Boring Wait

I've been finding it hard to update my blog these days.  The reason is that I have nothing too exciting to tell you about.  The house hasn't sold, I'm still saving up money for the camper....  I'm in that dull area of waiting for next steps to come to fruition.

I did make one decision.  I am going to further my education and become a certified trainer of Compassionate Touch (eldercare massage).  I leave for my first training mid November in Springfield, MO and then the final training is at the end of November in Orlando, FL.  By the first of December I will be qualified to be a massage instructor, and then can hopefully start booking seminars at massage schools nationwide. That is the plan.  With any luck, I can get some experience under my belt here in WI, and can at the very least, schedule a few national seminars over the summer so we can head out on the road. 

In the meantime, I found it too impossible to give up Bravo.  So for all you who were so impressed with me, see, I'm only human too...  HOWEVER, instead of being glued to the TV 24/7, I went ahead and joined Meg's Tae Kwon Do class, which we go to three times a week.  This way, we're moving and learning a wonderful skill during prime-time instead of obsessing over what Gordon Ramsey will say or do next! 

Thats about it:  Tae Kwon Do, less TV, Compassionate Touch Trainer
Boring, but positive... right?!


  1. Nothing better than being a little kicker!

  2. do not stop or do not give up! i live on the road as you know and staying on the road is my plan as long as u stick with your plan

  3. Hang in there!! It can be a long and emotional process but it's worth it! =)


  4. Just thought I'd stop in and see how things were going for you. Hope all is well! {{hugs}}